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Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies evolve over time. If an SEO trick has proven effective in the past, it's possible that the trick has expired and can no longer be used. Even using outdated SEO techniques, your website can be blacklisted by Google. So, which SEO strategy should you leave? Here's the debate!

Change the keywords you use

Keywords are an important point in the content to direct search engines to your site or website. Secondly, most people will put as many keywords as possible in the content of a blog or website, as they think it will be easier to find by search engines. Interestingly, short keywords with a high search volume are simply included in the content without paying attention to their relevance to the phrase.   

This SEO strategy was effective six to seven years ago. Nowadays, Internet users are getting smarter and prefer to use specific keywords. If in the old days, the old SEO techniques using short keywords could generate a lot of clicks, now the long-tail keywords will be more useful for the internet users.

Start by changing your raw keywords such as "hotel room" to something more evocative like "best hotel room in New York City". This will be more in line with the searches made by Internet users.

Don't hesitate to use keywords with two or more words. Since Google has an algorithm that can search for word equivalents, you don't need to put keywords with two or more words in one in the content.

So, don't rely on this strategy anymore, the best thing for you is to use one of the latest generation SEO tools such as the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. Indeed, by using this tool, you can find the traffic-generating keywords and introduce them in your content. This allows you to save more time and have your site in the top 3 results of Google in no time.

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Excessive use of anchor text

Entering a lot of anchor text to drive traffic to other articles in the same domain can indeed increase search engine rankings. However, currently, this method is an SEO strategy that can no longer be used. Indeed, Google has made changes to its system. Google now avoids content with excessive anchor text, as it is considered manipulative and spam.

As a tip, place anchor text in the navigation section, sidebar, footer, and content in combination with words so that it flows better and is more likely to be clicked by web readers. Don't just use these links for search engines, but make them available to readers. This way, you can avoid Google's blacklisting.

Creating topics that don't match the brand being sold

An outdated SEO technique that is still being applied is to choose a topic that the reader likes, but that doesn't match the product one is selling. This is an example of strategic and unfocused baiting.

The idea is simple, how to get a lot of audiences interested in reading your website, regardless of the topic, and promote the product at the end of the article content.

Admittedly, this strategy is quite effective in capturing a large audience, but on the one hand, whether you realize it or not, it can lower the brand image of your product. People might be interested and click on the title of the article you created.

The content of it is also made according to the title. But, as a result, at the end of the article, you enter the promotion of your merchandise even though it does not fit the topic.

Do you think this is good for your product brand? Capturing an audience, yes, but not for branding. People will tend to skip the promotion section at the end because it's just an unrelated ad.

It would be better if you create content that is relevant to your product. That way, readers will feel more oriented from the beginning to the end of the article to buy your product.

Different areas for the same site

The more nets you spread, the more fish you'll catch. This may be what you think when you create multiple domains for the same site to get lots of readers. But unfortunately, this is an old SEO method that you should not use anymore.

You can use a different domain address for a site with the same basic discussion. Take, for example, Semalt.com, Semalt.ne, Google will still count it as one domain even if you deploy your site on both domains. The domain ranking may also be divided into three. The result is always one.

Installation of keywords on domains

To be in the top rankings of search engines, you can think of making your domain name according to the keywords that people usually enter. This is indeed still done by some people because they think that this SEO strategy is still valid. Domain names like money.com or easymoney.com can still be found on the search.

In fact, this technique is very outdated and even eliminates the trust of internet users to click on sites like this. Even if you have a chance to appear on the first page of a search engine, are you sure people will click? The answer is no. That's because today's Internet users are smarter, so they can choose which websites they trust and which they don't.

A domain name like the ones pictured above doesn't seem compelling because it doesn't point to or refer to a single product. People must think the discussion is about general things that reduce a website's credibility. It would be better if you start removing the keywords from the domain name and include them in the content of the article. This will be easier to read by the new Google algorithm.

Always using a keyword for a website

In 2010-2012, Micro Niche Site and Exact Match Domain became a widespread trend. The idea is to use a keyword on the micro-website and name the website according to that keyword. It is always associated with the discussion of keywords in the above domain. In the past, many people made money with MNS and EMD, but not anymore.

This is because micro websites contain very few articles and information. Google might analyze such a micro-website as not credible. From now on, create a big topic for the content and apply several keywords. Let's say you create a website that deals with stomach ulcers. Make the content topic about the causes, cure and symptoms. This will increase your trust among web users and your credibility in the search engine.

Always based on the technical side

Over time, SEO has shifted from technical to more marketing. To optimize a website with a technical SEO system, the focus is on keywords, URLs, backlinks and titles. However, with the new system, the focus is on how to create marketable content.

The trick is to prioritize the marketing of the website rather than optimizing the technical aspect. Quality backlinks are those obtained by marketing your website to others. Social media also has an influence on website marketing. Thus, you can use social media to increase product promotion.

What about SEO tools?

We have just understood some of the SEO strategies that you need to abandon in order to comply with the new requirements of search engines.

As far as SEO tools are concerned, you should also familiarize yourself with those that are designed to meet the current SEO market requirements. For this, you should look for a tool that will allow you to accomplish several SEO tasks in a short period of time.

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Implementing an SEO strategy is not easy. However, if you get used to it, you will do it easily. The key is to keep updating your SEO knowledge so that it doesn't get out of date, as this technique will continue to evolve with existing developments.